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Our delicious chocolates, handcrafted by our chocolatier, are back to create beautiful chocolates with a filling to die for. There are 6 chocolates, and 3 recipes: 1. Chocolate filled with Coffee Ganache with cream, covered with our incredible dark chocolate. 2. Bonbon filled with Caramel Cream and vanilla, covered with our delicious dark chocolate. 3. Praline filled with Hazelnut Praline with nutmeg and milk chocolate, covered by our dark chocolate produced from Good Guatemalan Cacao. We decided to use orchids as a symbol of how precious our mothers are, unique and different, it is our way of telling all moms how much we admire their uniqueness, that without it, we would not be who we are right now. IMPORTANT: all products are delivered between May 7 and 10.

Chocolates - Mother's Day Edition

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