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Our Tasting Kit transports you through the entire process from the fruit to the bar and together with our founder Pablo Matute you will learn the steps to correctly taste a chocolate and then fill in your own interpretation of the chocolate you want to taste. 


The kit includes:

Includes 2 tablecloths for your self-tasting. 

4 bars to taste

1 explanatory video of the kit process in Spanish subtitled in Spanish and English.

Tasting Kit

  • To get started,  there is no good or right way to  Eating chocolate , the way we are going to tell you how to eat it, is what has worked for us to find very sublime notes within our dark chocolate. We start with the origin; the origin is where the cocoa comes from. If it is a private farm, usually  It has the name of the farm, if it is a cooperative or association of small producers, it usually bears the name of the association. 

    Have you ever seen the candy bar? It has a beautiful color, both white, milk, or dark chocolates usually have a shine, or certain matte colors that make it startle at the eye, the color of the chocolate is a very important factor in knowing what type of chocolate you are eating .  We have provided you with 12 colors that we have found in the chocolates, you decide what color the chocolate you are going to taste is.

    We continue with the sn ap.  The  snap  It is the moment when one breaks a piece of chocolate, this has to sound like a "chaskido" (in English known as  snap ). This says a lot about how the chocolate has been tempered, the  snap  It has to be clean, and not feel like it melts in your hands. 

    The next two steps are done with the chocolate already in your mouth. The texture, which tells you a lot about how the cocoa bean was processed and mixed with the sugar. and the notes.

    The notes are notes of flavors that you find throughout the cocoa journey, you can start with fruity notes, change to nutty notes, then feel caramel notes, in short. Each palate is different and this is the moment where you have to let the chocolate melt and just enjoy. 

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