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Sierra de Las Minas

Polochic, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

The Maya cooperative Sierra de las Minas is located in the region of Alta Verapaz, about 3 hours from the Atlantic Ocean. It has great importance in Guatemala due to its location. Located on the outskirts of one of the most important natural reserves in Guatemala, Sierra de las Minas, which is considered the most important water reserve in Guatemala. It is also known for the great biological variety of mammals, birds and pine trees unique to the area. The cocoa beans grown in this area are known for their nutty and caramel flavors, as well as their small beans that are easy to ferment and dry. 










The Cocoa Committee

Part of what Sero  you are trying to promote is to identify and create a more personal relationship with  Guatemalan cocoa farmers. These farmers, from one of the 20 communities around the Polochic Valley that grow cocoa, are from Jolomijix IV. Most of the communities around the valley are organized in this way. They work together as cooperatives  to grow together and share some of the cocoa processes. The farmers are 100% independent and have found a way to join forces and become stronger. We want you to meet them, we want you to remember their faces, we want you to understand who they are.

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